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Training in Norway:

Boreopplæring i Norge

3Geo & Drilling

Software, training and services in Modern Well Design, Operational Well Planning and Drilling, and training with focus on Geo-mechanics in Well Construction and Casing Design. 
Preferably organized in a multi-skilled Well Support Group for quality and efficiency.For drilling in deep waters, horizontal wells, HTHP or any other advanced drilling.


3Geo & Drilling - Technical Software & Services

For Geo-Mechanics, Geo-Operational, Geo-Pressure and Drilling Operation.

Software: PFAS (Planning & Field Application Software, Lot Analyzer, Traix Solver.


PetroTrainer - Petroleum Training Software

Computer Based Training Software (CBT) for Petroleum Technology and Drilling, covering topics like: Drilling Technology, Well Control, Sub-Sea Rig Systems, Cement and Casing, Geology and Formation Evaluation, Production and Completion
Well Design, Basic Theory (physics) 


International Training 

Drilling Training and training in Geo-mechanics. All levels.


Regular training courses in Norway

For English speaking personnel in Drilling & Well Technology:

  • Basic Course

  • Technical College

  • Courses for Engineers

  • Maritime Offshore Courses

Why is the Planning & Field Application Software (PFAS) unique ?  

  1. The Software has been developed over a long period, starting in 1992 based on the need to have multi-skilled well support groups to co-ordinate the drilling and well planning process in an modern organized oil company. 

  2. PFAS is the “Top Layer Application” where all well data can be stored and presented. PFAS can read ASCII data on any format, and can also export/import data to and from special software from other vendors. Typically it will handle Geological, Seismic, Geo-mechanical, Geo-pressure, Drilling and Petro-physical (log) data. 

  3. PFAS is the workbench and coordinating facility to enable the production and maintenance of a well plan throughout all faces of the operation. 

  4. PFAS Workbench can be used as “a stand-alone” software. But the most efficient result is with the complete package, PFAS Workbench plus the Data Manager, with the database included, which handles both raw data and calculated data with a high level of QA / QC. 

  5. PFAS is chosen in oil companies that want to adopt the philosophy developed through the development of PFAS, the “well support group”. 

  6. ITC has a unique way of co-operating with the expert users in several companies, but in particular Hydro and leading Service Companies. In this way we have access to the most experienced scientists in the North Sea and the Middle East area. 

  7. ITC is the leading well design and drilling operation training school in Norway, thus all needed training can be tailored and delivered at any location, with high focus on PFAS and well support group thinking. 

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