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3Geo & Drilling

- Geo-Mechanics

- Geo-Operational    &   Drilling

- Geo-Pressure

Latest:     PFAS 8.0    &    PFAS Plug-in engine    

The Idea

  • An easy-to-update, multi-disciplinary well planning approach.

  • Software for data management, interpretation and visualization.

  • Comprehensive data acquisition from a variety of sources.

  • Strong communication link between rig and office.

  • Experience transfer.

  • QA / QC - Quality Assurance & Control

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The Development Team

The 3Geo & Drilling software is developed by leading experts from the North Sea.
The project was initiated by ITC and Saga Petroleum in 1992. The project leader was the Rock Mechanics Advisor in Saga Petroleum, Rolf K.Bratli, now in Applied Rock Mechanics (ARM) LLC.

Other important contributors to the various modules has been:

  • Torsten Jørgensen, Norsk Hydro, Well Bore Stability, Well Support team.
  • Truls Carlsen, Norsk Hydro, Pore Pressure Prediction, Well Support team.
  • Dr. Frode Remvik, Saga Petroleum, Triax solver.
  • Professor Dr. Bernt Andnoy, Rogaland University Center, LOT inversion.
  • Dr. Morten Fejerskov, Norsk Hydro, Break-out analysis.
  • Max Svennekjær, Norsk Hydro, now Aker Geo, Depleted Reservoir Drilling.
  • Torbjørn Snåre, Norsk Hydro, now Aker Geo, Pore pressure Prediction.

We will also like to thank our users from Conoco, ElfTotalFina, IFP, Norsk Hydro and PDVSA for useful suggestions for improvements.