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Integrated Technology Consultants a.s

Data Manager (PFAS Plus)

PFAS add-on

PFAS with a Central Database for all data

  • Easy access to all data
  • QA /QC - Quality Assurance / Quality Control of all data in the database
  • Version Control of phases of a well project
  • Compatible with PFAS Workbenck (Standard). You can use PFAS Plus on the HQ and PFAS Standard at the well site.

PFAS Plus gives you the information you need - right at your finger tips. No more hazel to find Logs and other Well Information. PFAS Plus is an add-on to PFAS Standard.

If you are a stand-alone consultant, or working in a large Oil Company, the need for easy access to data is essential. PFAS Plus gives you all the Power and Flexibility you need.

Projects made by PFAS Plus and PFAS Standard are compatible. This way, you may use PFAS Plus at the office, and PFAS Standard at the rig-location.


Logs are placed in the Shared Database.
Calculations are by default kept in your Local Project.
Some predefined calculations can be stored in the database as well.

Lithology, LithoStrat, ChronoStrat

This information is grouped in to two different categories:

  1. Data for Planning Phase and
  2. Data from Drilling.

Bits, Casings & Leak-off

Sizes, depths and Leak-off tests.
The same data is used by the application LOT Analyser (see left menu).

Depth Related Data

This part is fully customisable.
Geo and Drilling Comments, Tight hole problems, Composite data, Gas values, FMT, RFT, Bit information (shifts, types, wearing…), Cores. The rest is up to you !

Well Information

Information such as name, co-ordinates, company, rig-info and more.

Powerful Search abilities

Search the data as you like, with maximum speed and minimum effort.

pfasplus01.gif (23662 bytes)

pfasplus02.gif (14628 bytes)

Improved Availability and Control of Well information

A) "Static" Data

Well Information: Well name, Air-gap, Water depth (if offshore) Location, Contractor, Company, Country and more.

B) Data from Planning Phase
  • Lithology (1)
  • Litho-Stratigraphy (1)
  • Chrono-Stratigraphy (1)
  • Bits & Casing
  • Calculated Logs *):
    • Overburden (1)
    • Pore pressure (1)
    • Frac (1)
    • Collapse (1)
C) Data from Drilling
  • Lithology (2)
  • Litho-Stratigraphy (2)
  • Chrono-Stratigraphy (2)
  • Logs from this well
  • Calculated Logs *):
    • Overburden (2)
    • Pore pressure (2)
    • Frac (2)
    • Collapse (2)
  • Bits, Casing and LOT/FIT
  • Depth Related Data (Comments, tests and more)
*) Your system administrator defines the log types allowed (if any), for this section.

How to work in PFAS Plus

Start planning a new well

  • Start enter the Well information (group A above). Only a well name is required to get started.
  • Import Logs from neighbour wells (group C) in to your Local Project (not stored in dB).
  • Collect Leak-off tests from neighbour wells (group C). Set up search criteria’s to browse the databases for information.
  • Insert your geology prognosis (group B)
  • Insert planned Bit and Casing depths and sizes
  • Calculate Overburden, Pore pressure, Frac and Collapse and store the final calculations for your Well Plan in to group B.

While Drilling

  • Import, and merge if necessary, new log sections from this well. (group C)
  • Update Geology in group C (To start you may save you Plan (B) as Drilled (C) and start edit/update this new information.
  • Update Pore pressure prognosis, Overburden, Frac and Collapse (group C)
  • Bits, Casing sizes and depths as well as Leak-off tests are inserted and updated (group C)
  • Insert Depth Related Data while drilling (group C). This is input to the final Well Report and to post-analysis of the well.

After Drilling

  • Final Well Report
  • Post-Analysis
  • Experience transfer