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LOT Analyzer & Database

Stand-alone module

or PFAS Plus add-on

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LOT Analyzer is a program for reading FIT, LOT & ELOT and interpreting Leak-off, Shut-In, Propagation  and Maximum pressures. The program interacts with a database where all tests along with the results and other information are being stored.


Main window

ScreenshotLot Analyzer main window presents information about a test including the time series. The time series are shown as a list of values as well as a graphical representation.


Working environment

Users can save their working environment to a login username. The working environment includes private directory and selections of colors and units. There are several options for units on numeric values.


Time series

Import time series from a text file by specifying columns and units for time, pressure, and volume, or insert the time series manually by entering the values and their appropriate units. The manual approach features an option to specify either time or volume and let the program calculate the other and an option to set Shut-In which then will keep the volume value from then on. The user may also edit the time series in the same approach as inserting new entries.



The program presents a preview before printing and the user may choose between four different printouts; Final Well Report, LOT Graph, LOT Information, and LOT Time Series.


Graphical presentation

ScreenshotThe graphical presentation shows the time vs. pressure graph in a coordinate system where the user can interpret the pressures. A graph showing volume vs. time is drawn in the lower part of the coordinate system. The user can zoom in and out and select between graph styles and sizes.



Maximum and Propagation pressure are set by marking with a horizontal line from the graph window while Leak-off and Shut-In pressure uses a similar window that is specialized to set parameters and calculate these pressures. Interpretation of Shut-In pressure offers seven different calculation methods from which the user can choose: Inflection point, P vs. log((t+dt)/dt), P vs. dt, Muskat, Log P vs. log t, dP/dt vs. P, P vs. sqrt(dt)



Lot Analyzer interacts with a database and a database interface where the data can be stored. The database offers an easy way to store data and to review data later. The interface makes it easy to search among all tests and make a list of those of interest. Selecting a test will open this test in Lot Analyzer. The results from the database will be accessible through a previous and a next button.