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PFAS in Action

PFAS is used by several companies world wide.

  • In the North Sea, on 4th generation rigs.
  • In land operations in Texas - USA.
  • On barges and rigs in Venezuela under extreme anisotropic stress regimes.
  • In deep water operations in Angola.

PFAS is used in many different environments - here are some examples of use in advanced wells.

Training & deep water drilling outside Angola

Before drilling block 34 offshore Angola, ITC trained drilling engineers from Sonangol for 8 months.

PFAS was use for the planning of the well at 1800 water depth. The well was drilled in 18 days.

Scarabeo5.jpg (12291 bytes)

Deepest Wild-cat in the North Sea

One of our North Sea clients, Norsk Hydro, is using Scarabeo 5, a 4th generation DP rig, drilling Wild-cats in deep water (1351 mRKB). PFAS is used both on the rig and on land, for Planning and Follow-up of Pore pressure and Well Bore Stability.

This is a new North Sea record due to the combination of deep water, high waves and strong currents.

Troll.jpg (4586 bytes)

Long horizontal completions on the Troll field

With a thin oil-layer, only 10 - 15 metres, and a shallow reservoir at 1500 mRKB, the need for long horizontal sections is the basis for developing this field. PFAS is used to Plan and Follow-up these extreme drilling operations.

Drilling 3 - 4000 metres horizontal sections with geo-stearing within one meter vertical  accuracy, with little integrity, continuous gain / loss, using Auto Track techonlogy, results in good economy for the owners.

arctic.jpg (22227 bytes)

Arctic Drilling

Transocean Arctic is a 4th generation arctic rig holding the current world record for cold drilling - 20 degrees C below freezing.

Norsk Hydro has been using this rig in the Barent Sea to drill a Wild-cat this summer, Planning and Follow-up the operations with PFAS.

The Barent Sea is an enormous area with great potential. Summer 2000 the first oil was found close to and existing gas field.

snorreb.jpg (9258 bytes)

Drilling with zero integrity on the Snorre Field

Drilling through depleted reservoirs without costly losses, is now possible because of new methodology through PFAS.

Knowing the current Pore pressure (reservoir pressure), you can calculate the current stresses, such as Fracture and Collapse. Place the mud weight on your collapse gradient. Calculating the ECD accurately. Plan the drilling operation to avoid any pressure pulses during drilling, by using a pressure sub with your MWD to enable ECD monitoring.


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