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Rock Mechanics Tools

PFAS add-on

PFAS RochMech Tools is an add-on to PFAS. For a period, this tool will be available for all users of PFAS Standard and PFAS Plus.

Beta version of PFAS RockMech Tools is planned to be released in February 2004.

Well Path Planner - Survey

We have included this module to enable simulation of various well paths, to find the ideal inclination and azimuth to drill through various formations.

This module is used to to insert well geometry data, such as placement of wellhead and target, build and drop rates and more. The module performs all the necessary calculations.

The resulting survey can be used directly in PFAS.



Frac & Collapse extensions in RochMech Tools

Collapse - Multiple failure criteria

In the Fracture and Collapse calculation section of the RockMech Tools edition, there will in now be some more failure criteria in addition to Mohr Coulomb:

  • Mohr Coulomb

  • Drucker Pager

  • Hoek & Brown

Insert Maximum Allowable Breakout Angle (MABA)

In this way you can plan very critical drilling operations, like drilling through depleted zones, because you will accept for example 60 degree breakout angle, thus accepting a certain amount of breakouts. Your hole cleaning capacity will determine how much.

Additional Fracture model

The Breckles and van Eekelen model is added to the fracture calculations. A preferred model by many rock mechanics.


Risk Manager

This module is used to predict uncertainty in prognosis established in PFAS. All types of data and other factors related to the prognosis  can be taken into consideration. Use sensitivity analysis to weight the various elements. 

A good tool to persuade your management to collect more data for Rock-Mech Modelling.