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International Training

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PFAS Courses

ITC offer Education and Training for Engineers, Geologists and Technical Staff at our Training Centre in Tønsberg, Norway, or in-house. In addition to the course, all ITC students have access to an Internet Classroom with an optional mentoring system.

ITC’s specialty is multi-subject within Drilling, Well technology and 3 Geology areas, Geo-Mechanics, Geo-Pressure and Geo-Operation. We use this in our computer programs (PFAS) and in education.

ITC cooperates with several of the leading oil and service companies, vendors of drilling equipment and universities in Norway.

The training center is located in Tønsberg (Norway), 100 km south west of Oslo. 

For training projects outside Norway, we can provide 4 types of services or combinations:

  1. Train the trainers.

  2. Limited student courses for a fixed time frame.

  3. Mentoring for instructors or students via our Student-Web system on the Internet.

  4. Use and participation in the Computer Based Training system, PetroTrainer. 

ITC offer education for engineers, geologists and technical staff within:

  • Course in Petroleum Technology, Level 1

  • Course in Petroleum Technology, Level 2 

  • Expert training in 3Geo & Drilling (Geo-Mechanics, Geo-Pressure and Geo-Operation)

A typical ITC training project may have the following phases:

  • Screening of students and trainers. 

  • Selecting an appropriate training program. 

  • Training period (often modularized in one or two week modules – combined with Computer Based Training (CBT) and Internet Classrooms. 

  • Evaluation of the students, the training program and the process.

  • Mentoring of the students via the Internet classroom.

We have experience from training in Europe, South America and Africa. Today we have a pool of more than 40 experienced trainers, representing leading Norwegian based Oil & Service companies, ready to perform training anywhere in the world. 

Focus on Safety

In the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, the focus is on SAFETY. Well trained personnel works more safely. The Norwegian Training Standards are the strictest in the Industry. 

Modern methods

ITC delivers training in an efficient manner, using modern methods such as modular courses, Computer Based Training (CBT) with PetroTrainer and Student-Web on Internet. 

All ITC courses are based on the  ISO 9001 QA standard.