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ITC i samarbeid med høgskolen i Vestfold starter opp maritime offshore kurs med linje for plattformsjef, stabilitetssjef og teknisk sjef. 



ITC starter opp første norske kurs for Sub-Sea Engineers i samarbeid med Odfjell Drilling.

Fra Sub-Sea kurset.

ITC i samarbeid med Borrehavarivernskole starter helgebasert OLF sikkerhetskurs.



ITC blir godkjent som første norske private fagskole i petroleumsteknikk, boring
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Presentation in Carmen, Mexico with INTSOK for PEMEX.


In connection with our relation with Comerlat, we are attending this seminar in Ciudad del Carmen.

Here you will find the program for the seminar.

In English:

Press release from ITC a.s, Norway

The petroleum software development and training company, ITC a.s in Norway (partly owned by Transocean), and Comerlat in Mexico has signed a combined technology and agent agreement for South America, on the well planning system PFAS, short for “Planning and Field Application Software”. A system for 3-Geo and well planning purpose, well bore stability, operational geology, pore pressure and advanced log and well data handling for drilling and well planning.  

The contract includes training and technology transfer in particular for the Mexican deepwater market.

The PFAS system is used World Wide by operators and service companies to plan and drill advanced wells. The biggest single user is the Norweigian Oil Company; Hydro, drilling some of the longest horizontal wells in the world (Troll field) and deepwater, and HTHP prospects in both the Norwegian sector and internationally.


Nye kurs fra ITC - mars 2005.   Se informasjon om kursene her

  • Riggerkurs

  • Kran og truck kurs


ITC deltar på Maritim Dag på Høyskolen i Vestfold onsdag 9.mars 2005

Svein Fagereng, ITC holder foredraget: "A short introduction to the Norwegian Oil Industy and technology from a techno-political point of view".

In  English: RF- Rogaland Research & ITC  (18-25.April 2004):

Svein Fagereng, Managing Director of ITC, hosted a group of 8 Top Managers from LUKOIL, presenting Norwegian Drilling Technology, Training and Regulations. The main focus was on Well Planning related to offshore drilling in the Caspian Sea.



ITC will, together with Norway's petroleum technology "A-team" attend Petrad (OED / NORAD) seminar on Reservoir Management in Kunming,China, for their leading Oil companies medio January 2004.  See a list of our papers:
  1. Critical Data Management for the life cycle of oil and gas wells. (Presentation
  2. A full scale demo of using the PFAS suit to develop and maintain the Geo-Mechanical model for a well, including lithology, pore-pressure, fracture and collaps, thus the safe mud weight window, well-bore stability and overburden. (Presentation)
  3. A North Sea case on methodology for post analysis of drilled wells
  4. Methodology for the planning of drilling through a depleted reservoir in the North Sea, thus drilling on the edge of technology. (Presentation)
  5. Continues training of petroleum technicians using CBT and the Internet. (Presentation)



ITC will soon release a beta version of the all new PFAS Rock-Mech Tools. This version will for a period be available for all present users of PFAS. The tool box includes multiple failure criteria, a Well Path Planner in order to simulate various well shapes on new or existing blocks, risk evaluation module, and more. See a short description of the new modules.
LOT Analyzer: Download a FREE 30 days Evaluation version.
  Nov.2002 - ITC has been awarded the Technology Fast50 Ranking for 2002 in Norway, from Deloitte & Touche, rated as number 44 with a annual growth of 218%.
ITC has taken the initiative to start the effort to write an API RP (recommended practice) for LOT / FIT / ELOT / Mini-frac. Visit our LOT forum. (Select LOT API from the top menu)

ITC took part in workshops with the Russian Oil Companies in Moscow 20-23 November 2002.

See the pictures

ITC was at the OilRock 2002 conference in Irwing, Texas (close to Dallas), 20 - 23 October. During the conference we will arrange PFAS related courses. Call us (or e-mail) us for details. 
ITC, represented by Mr.Svein Fagereng and Mr.Sverre Bautz, participated at the Iran Oil Show 2002 in Teheran 20th April 2002.

We also did a presentation in Ahwas, Iran on the seminar "Managing the uncertenties in development of a hydrocarbon field." from 21st to 24th April 2002. The seminar was arranged by PETRAD in co-operation with NIOC. (See pictures from  Ahwas)

See article in Norwegian from the paper Tønsbergs Blad about the Angolan ITC students.

See article in Norwegian from the paper Aftenposten about Norwegian oil in Angola

International Petroleum Training

ITC has been awarded a long term training contract with Norsk Hydro International with training of Drilling Engineers from Sonangol, the state oil company in Angola.

The training is related to Block 34 where Norsk Hydro own a 30% part and has been appointed technical advisors for this promising "deep water prospect", 1800 mRKB, to first well will be spuded in February 2002.
The training scheme will take place in Norway with theoretical training at ITC's Training centre in Tønsberg, with several rig visits off-shore Norway on Norsk Hydro rigs and production platforms, and Industrial visits to major oil industry suppliers in Norway over a 6 month period. 

The ITC CBT / Mentoring system with Internet Class-Rooms will be used over a longer period to continue training on the job (OJT) in Angola. 
Well planning training will be conducted with the PFAS system.