Basic Math was developed by ITC in Norway

ITC was established  in 1987 and began developing courses in Offshore Drilling. Our aim was to educate our students giving them the training needed to prepare them for successfull careers in the Oil and Gas Industry on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Since then, we have the also designed and developed PetroTrainer, a PC-based, educational software for drilling.  We use this application in all our petroleum courses. We at ITC have solid experience with the practical use and development of Computer Based Training programs, CBT, in most disciplines within the field of petroleum engineering.

ITC is considered today to be leading the way in the use of Information Technology in Offshore Drilling and Petroleum Technology courses. This is done with a combination of Computer Supported Training and use of Web classrooms. 

Understanding Petroleum Technology, requires sound knowledge of mathematics. It was therefore natural to create a training module for  mathematics. This module has since become Basic Math!

Why do we use Computer Based Training? 

We use Basic Math and PetroTrainer Computer Based Training for all our students. Basic Math is used in the classroom, and for the students to use as a self-study tool for repetition.

  • Effective Learning: Computer Based Training can provide up to 10 times more efficient learning, compared to traditional classroom teaching - because the student always has to be active. 
  • Pedagogical Prepared:  ITC uses many guest speakers, including experts from the oil industry who have little or no teaching background. By using CBT, the instructor will have pedagogical arranged presentations to use in the classroom. 
  • Availability: Students can repeat the whole lesson on their own, at home - anytime and as many times as she/he wants.
  • Differentiated Teaching: Students can work at their own tempo.  
  • Quality Control: It gives good control of what each student has gone through - regardless of the teacher...Several teachers who have tried Basic Math as a teaching tool in the classroom, say that Basic Math is the only computer program in mathematics that is suitable to use in the classroom.