Why use ITC Basic Math?


"I am a former user of Basic Math, and it has saved me through high school, I've gotten B in math, and its all thanks to Basic Math.


"Thanks for a great program! A nessesary tool now that I've gone back to school again!"


"Now I've got my granddaughter through high school with good results.

She began in secondary school, and is declared a natural talent because she is so clever in math!

Interactive PC Application for Learning Mathematics

Are you struggling with maths, or do you just want to get better grades?

Basic Math is a tutorial in Mathematics on your PC – where you like, when it suits you, and as many times as you need.

The program covers the following levels:

  • High school (13 - 16 years)
  • Secondary school (16 - 18)

ITC Basic Math is particular well suited to revision or as a supplement to regular teaching.

The program takes you step by step through the mathematical "tools" you need.

We at ITC have many years of experience with Computer Based Training (CBT) from both the oil industry in Norway and with the Norwegian school system.

ITC Basic Math runs on all Windows platforms.

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