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The background  

ITC a.s has taken an initiative that hopefully will lead up to an International  Standard Practice for Leak-off tests, FIT, ELOT and Mini-frac tests. This all happened during the SPE/ ISRM, OILROCK conference in Dallas, October 2002, after a dialog between Ron Sweatman, Technology Leader - Global Business and Technical Solutions Team from Halliburton and Managing Director, ITC, Svein Fagereng.


Both Halliburton and ITC has through their international work, experienced a need for a common practice to do Leak-off tests in order to fully utilize this type of stress information, thus not only a focus on shoe integrity.

ITC has done a study of 5000 leak-off tests from the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea, where only 450 of these passed the quality control. 

Our conclusion is that there is need for a common practice for performing all types of LOT's, data collection and format, as well as analysis and presentation of the information.  


Invitation to participate in this effort 

  1. Do you or others in your company want to be involved in this effort, send us your e-mail address that will be included in the LOT discussion group on this web-site.

  2. Find out if your company has an API representative, and if he/she is represented in the API/MMS Work Group on Annular Flow Prevention (AFP), 11th December in Houston      [Agenda and background info].

  3. ITC will propose that the various Oil Companies present their LOT procedures in this forum. Please, submit the documents (preferably on PDF format)  to Support at ITC. 

  4. Communication between the participants will take place via the Discussion Forum at this web site.

  5. This LOT Forum will communicate with the API/ MMS Work Group for AFP via this web site, both in the process of collecting LOT procedures and in reviewing the API drafts during this process.