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Fracture & Collapse Pressure

Calculates the "safe mud weight window" for the well


Collapse Failure Criteria:


  • Mohr Coulomb (all versions of PFAS)

Rock Meck.Tools only:

  • Drucker Prager

  • Modified Lade

  • Hoeck & Brown

  • and more...

  • All type of wells, included
  • Depleted Reservoirs
  • Ultra Deep Wells
  • Sinus Wells and more...



Control window for Frac & Collapse calculations. Select source logs or insert fixed values.

Calculates Frac & Collapse for vertical wells and all sorts of deviated wells.

This is from a simulation to find the optimal well path for a deviated well.

The Collapse is calculated for inclinations of 0, 30, 60 and 90.