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User Defined Calculations

This is the most powerful module in PFAS, featuring:

  • Create your own log calculation - give it a name - place it in the PFAS menu. 
  • The calculation is performed on one or more (maximum 8) source logs. 
  • Fixed constants (maximum 4) inserted by the user can be used in the calculation.
  • Select a new name for the result of the calculation, or merge it to an existing log based on different criteria.  
  • In a multi-user environment, you can keep it private - or share it with all other PFAS users


Set up the calculation. Define variables and select functions. Also IF - THEN - ELSE expressions can be used.

A maximum 8 input logs and 4 user input numbers can be used.

When the calculation is used, the user select the logs to use as source logs in the calculation.

The result can be merged into existing logs - for a section, or based on logical expressions.


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