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E-Learning for the Petroleum industry

PetroTrainer is probably the world’s largest and most comprehensive tool made for training purposes in the petroleum industry. The ITC Boreskolen started to develop the software in 1988, and is still upgrading and maintaining it with the latest in petroleum technology. The students of ITC Boreskolen has been equipped with the software from the very start and is one of the main reasons for our successful and effective training.


Modules in PetroTrainer

  • Drilling Technology 
  • Fields and Wells
  • Casing and Well Design
  • Well Control 
  • Sub-Sea Rig Systems 
  • Cement and Mud
  • Geology and Formation Evaluation 
  • Production and Completion 
  • Basic Theory 
  • Drilling Administration
  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanics & Materials


How PetroTrainer is used

The students of ITC Boreskolen use PetroTrainer both in the classroom and when studying on their own
PetroTrainer is used in the classroom, and is an important tool for instructors


Well Control

  • Barriers 
  • Barrier philosophy
  • Kill sheet - vertical
  • Kill sheet - deviated 
  • Primary & Secondary well control
  • Pre-recorded information
  • Killing methods
  • Gas migrations
  • Horizontal well control
  • HTHP - High Temperature/High Pressure
  • Deepwater 
  • Procedures
  • Snubbing string
  • Shallow gas & water influx