PFAS - Planning and Field Application Software

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PFAS in Action See some areas where PFAS is beeing used. PFAS is in action right now:
PFAS Standard This is the normal configuration. A complete open system. All calculation modules, presentation of data, and import / export of all kind of depth related data. PFAS Field and PFAS Plus are both add-ons to this version.
PFAS Field This version is special designed for use on the rig-site, by several people, and  in a stressed working environment. This is a simplified version using only a fixed set-up of templates for import and presentation of data and a fixed and limited set of calculations.
PFAS Plus This version is PFAS Standard, plus a database system for easy access to data and improved QA / QC. PFAS Plus share data with the LOT Analyser.

Data from all versions are compatible. Runs on Windows platforms.