PFAS Field Version

PFAS (home) 

The Field version is designed for use on the rig-site


The PFAS Field Version can be run in two different modes: As PFAS Standard or as PFAS Field. When run in Field mode, the program looks a bit different than in Standard mode.

arctic.jpg (22227 bytes)

In order to be:

  • Quick and easy to use for many different people
  • Reliable
  • Easy to quality control (every action is pre-defined)

There are some limitations and restrictions when run in Field mode:

  • Only a fixed set of import templates are used (pre-defined by the user company)
  • Only a fixed set of templates for presentation and printing.
  • Everything that is not needed for the task is removed from the menus.
  • Log names and methods for calculation are pre-defined in INI-files.