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PFAS Introduction Courses

PROGRAM for PFAS Introduction Course:

  1. Short presentation of ITC's software development and training.
  2. Implementation strategy in "PFAS User Oil Companies."
  3. Latest cases related to advanced drilling using PFAS for well bore integrity analysis.
  4. Short intro to LOT Analyzer, Triax Solver and LOT Inversion Technique.
  5. Introduction to PFAS; an overview.
  6. PFAS: Generate a Well Plan: Import logs, calculate Overburden and Pore pressure and set up the lithology and lithostratigraphy column.
  7. Presentations using Templates, Free Text on plots and user defined symbols from the Power Presentation application (Database for depth related data and incidents).
  8. Calculate Fracture and Collapse.
  9. User Defined Calculations. Setting up your own calculations.
  10. Setting up a Multi-Well Cross Section Plot.
  11. Making generic logs for a new well - copy and paste sections of logs.
  12. Follow up during drilling: Merging logs.
  13. Breakout Analysis.
  14. Discussion.